Sunday, August 12, 2018
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How To Choose Your Cap?

Your Cap

You want to play it rapper on the west coast or you just want to protect your eyes from the sunlight of the tropics but you’re afraid to have a badger’s head … Do not worry, I’m here to help you find the cap that will make you like a king!

You have to know that there are several types of caps so with a little luck, there will be one that will suit you …

The Fitted Cap

It is a cap without hole in the back of which there are several different sizes. It is therefore absolutely necessary to try it to avoid either not to go in, or not to see anything there.

Perfect model to wear the hat upside down #ThugLife

The Snapback Cap

One of the most common models, this cap has a flat visor and it is adjustable thanks to the “snap” plastic at the back with small holes that just clipper.

So in case of weight gain, haircut changes or “big head”, it will be easy to enlarge!

The Strapback cap

Same concept as the snapback but the difference is that instead of having a plastic clip system at the back, it is an adjustable strap that is often leather for a more “style”

The 5 panel cap

5 panel as it is composed of 5 panels: one in the front, two on the top and two on the sides. It also has a flat visor and an adjustable strap. More easily adaptable, it is a bit the cap to wear at the moment. There’s something for every taste: casual , flowered, leopard print, leather …

This is for the models of caps … and if you seek to offer one, visit the site of Hatstore .

But a question burns your lips …

Should the sticker be kept on the visor?

I want to tell you, do what you like! Those who keep it, are often purists who want to affirm the authenticity of the brand or just by fashion …

I bet that every time, at the base, it’s just a guy who forgot to remove it and that everyone found it cool!