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What Types Of Trousers Wear In The Spring?

What Types Of Trousers Wear In

Spring returns in a few weeks, and that says spring, says softer temperatures for a smooth introduction to the heat of summer.

The other good news is that it is the end of the warm pants, the big jackets and all the accessories necessary to pass the winter, and to prepare well, after my advice to know which button to close on a costume jacket , here are some tips to know what types of pants wear in the coming weeks.

At work, think sober and relaxed pants!

If you do not work in costumes, you are going to have a greater freedom to choose what you want to wear at work. Indeed, to be comfortable at work, to wear you  chinos type trousers , no matter the color: Dark blue, clear, bright red, the important is not the color of the pants but the harmony of colors of your outfit, for example, you can wear red chino type pants with a pair of brown leather shoes and ankle discovered, and a black polo shirt.

Regarding the timeless jeans, it is in all circumstances, think of choosing jeans that will not give you warm, indeed, there are several types of jeans , and winter jeans are much thicker and much warmer, so not necessarily pleasant to wear a day of fine weather.

Spring weekends, wear cool pants!

The joggings have evolved well in recent years, finished the baggy tracksuits, manufacturers have shown a lot of imagination to offer us a series of models to please everyone.

If you are rather sporty weekend, some brands offered skinny joggings (close to the body), more pleasing to the eye and that is worn with almost everything (polo, tee shorts, shirts) again, fashion wants that jogging is wearing ankles discovered.

On vacation, do whatever you want!

Yes, the holidays is a bit the period when we like to do as we envi in ​​the present moment, without too much to take the lead. Shorts and bermuda shorts will definitely be much more worn than pants, but think of taking one or two to see the evening in the restaurant or in the trendy bars of the city you will visit, if you are single, think about your look, be chic in any circumstance, and for this type of outings, I advise you to avoid the flashy colors, on vacation it passes a little less believe months, I suggest even a few tips on how to wear in box .