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Wedding style 101: Shopping basics

Wedding style 101: Shopping basics

We list a few points to keep in mind when doing online shopping for women’s clothing for a wedding.

Weddings are fun occasions, where you get to meet not just the happy couple and also mingle with common friends and family members. It is a time of eating delicious food, dancing the night away, and laughing and talking endlessly.

But if it’s a wedding, it means that you must look and feel your best. This means that you must shop for the right clothing and accessories, and well within time. Giving yourself ample time to shop lets you exchange or return whatever does not fit you properly.

Here’s how you shop for the wedding, using a good app for online shopping for women:

* Find out if there is a theme for the wedding. It has become a trend these days to have theme weddings and destination weddings. If there is a theme, you must know the dress code beforehand so that you can shop accordingly. Give yourself enough time to shop for the right colours, styles, footwear, bag/clutch and other accessories.

* Decide your look. Now that you know which colour and kind of clothing you want to wear, it is time to decide your overall look. Start with a rough sketch of the clothing, and then draw up the footwear, jewellery, purse/clutch/handbag, watch, etc. that you will wear on the day. You can take the help of a stylist to put together your look, or browse for good styles on leading shopping apps like Jabong to get an idea of what to go with.

* Decide your budget. Shopping for a wedding can get quite expensive. It is not just about buying your own clothes, but also about deciding on a good wedding gift for the happy couple. Do budget carefully for your ensemble and the gift. Shopping online for women’s clothing will give you great discounts across brands, whether you are buying ethnic wear or Western styles.

* Start shopping on your online app. Now whip out your favourite app and look up all the options for online shopping for women. The app can narrow down the list based on your preferred brands, budget, colour of clothing, whether you choose ethnic wear or a fusion style, etc. Mark the most likely items and put them in your shopping bag.

* Get the right accessories and footwear. Once you are done shopping for clothes, you can start looking at options for jewellery, footwear, handbag or clutch, perfume, make-up, etc. A leading shopping app like Jabong will also suggest many options with the clothing that you pick. Make sure that the makeup you pick is suitable for the day or night, whenever the festivities are scheduled.

Now all that remains is to dress up in your new purchases and make heads turn at the wedding. Have a great time!