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How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Girlfriend?

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Choosing a perfect engagement ring is a critical task. An engagement ring must look like a token of love, and that is what makes it difficult to opt for the best one. There are several options available that can confuse you. If you too are looking for the perfect diamond ring for your girlfriend but don’t know where to start, then you are at the right place.

What to keep in mind before buying an engagement ring?

The first thing is to set your budget and a suitable design, wich will narrow down your search area. We have collected some design ideas for you to choose a perfect ring to celebrate your relationship and love.


Love bands are becoming more and more popular day by day. A couple can gift each-other one because suitable love bands for guys as well as girls are available. Some of the bands come in combination that works as a symbol to recognise a couple as the same. These bands are available in metallic form as in silver, white gold, platinum, and gold. These bands can be kept simple, or a diamond can also be added above it.

As diamond rings turn out to be the best gift, a love band can also be converted to a diamond band. To make it more customised, couples prefer to carve each other’s name on their bands. One can get a beautiful band within his/her suitable budget.


A solitaire is considered as an exclusive engagement ring layout that is still favoured by most of the people. A lot of women choose it over any other ring but the fact that solitaire is far more expensive, can’t be ignored. Standard rings come cheaper than that of solitaire because they have smaller diamond studded over them in comparison to solitaire.

You can choose any shape you like the most out of oval, pear, round, rectangle, square, etc. The women who choose solitaire ring know that it can never get old. The solitaire ring can be made more beautiful by adding small diamonds around the big one, but only if your budget allows you to do so.


If your budget or liking doesn’t allow you to buy a big diamond, i.e. solitaire, then you can go for a small one. Its all about your preference, whether you like a simple ring with a tiny diamond studded on the top of it or you want to own an elaborated and gaudy one. Options are not less; you can find a lot of alluring diamond rings teamed up with excellent designs and unique shapes. You can find the best one in a nominal budget.


Many people have moved to the other gemstones’ rings from the conventional gold. They prefer to use different gemstones on their ring because such rings look entirely distinguished and unique than the other ones. One can choose any suitable one out of the gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc. One can also add diamonds around the gemstone of his/her choice. Before gifting such a ring to your beloved, just be sure about their preference for the same.

With these factors in mind, the entire process of purchasing an engagement ring for your soulmate can become a simplified affair.