Sunday, August 12, 2018
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Men’s Hair Tinting: 5 Colors To Test

Men's Hair

A few years ago, we heard about dyeing for men only in the case of white hair to hide

Today we are far more than the simple need to cover his white hair, we dare everything, or almost on the 5 continents! Men love to take care of them: Treatment of dark circles (internal link), hair, sweating, everything goes through a fine comb for an irreproachable look.

The hair color for men  has become a fashion, a style, that many guys give themselves according to the time of year and especially its envy of the moment.

Dare to gray at all ages

Gray hair is now fashionable and complementary trends. Whether it is integral or only a few reflections, the gray does not age any more! More crazy, it gives style to your look that you are 18 years or 60 years old!

Add a few colors to your haircut

And why not just add only a few reflections of your favorite color? Pink, purple, blue, blond … we dare now everything for the pleasure of the eyes!

If you are even more fans of your hair, dare a new color integral, like the blonde on hair course, after all why not shine a thousand lights!

Some precautions to take before coloring your hair

Not everyone can color their hair on a mere whim. Here are some things to consider before you get started:

  • Are you ready to live with a few weeks and see your roots grow back? There will be the question: Do I continue to color my hair or cut?
  • Is your hair type made to be colored safely? It is important to consult a professional at least the first time because the risk of devitalization of the hair exists (Wholesale your hair will be dead and impossible to comb)
  • You should not use a woman’s coloring! Men’s hair is different and there are products suitable for our hair.
  • You will need to treat your hair after coloring with products and masks to revitalize, moisturize and nourish, again ask professional advice and plan twice as long as usual to wash your hair.